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The Client

C2 runs career workshops on behalf of The London Deanery for Foundation Year One and Two doctors and educational supervisors. Through this work we have formed a strong working relationship with The London Deanery and have been nominated for an award at the Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards 2010.

Their Challenge

In February 2010 the London Deanery invited C2 to tender to build a career advice website for doctors who were considering leaving medicine, but wanted to pursue a career outside the field but still utilised their skills and experiences that they had gained as a doctor. This information was not available to doctors at the time and they were often unaware of their options.

Research was a crucial part of this project. C2 used its network of contacts, and contacts provided by the London Deanery to explore which alternate career paths can be enhanced through a medical background. Our career consultants then researched the careers in greater depth in order to analyse which skills and strengths would be required for the new career path, and how these might coincide with the skills and strengths that a doctor might develop throughout their medical career.

To enhance the site we collected a case study of someone who had made the transition from medicine into each of the alternate career profiles that we created. Feedback from site users has shown that this has been successful in bringing the site to life and provides doctors with a real insight into career possibilities Beyond Clinical Practice.

The site was built in-house by our online services team and designed in the style of the rest of the London Deanery website.

Their Feedback

The Careers Unit at London Deanery is responsible for providing careers support to all doctors training in London. As a proportion of these doctors may decide that they want to pursue careers that link to their medical training, but take them beyond clinical practice, we decided to build a website that would outline the different career options available.

Working in partnership with C2, we were able to build a successful informative website that has been highly accessed in the year since it was developed. We worked with C2 at all stages of the process; brainstorming the possible content; detailed specifications of the particular careers that would be described; provision of actual content; design, layout and functionality. At all of these stages, colleagues at C2 were responsive and proactive and the project was completed on-time and within budget. I can recommend them without any hesitation.

Dr Caroline Elton
Head of Careers Unit
London Deanery

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